Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association Ltd.

Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association Ltd.

Join Us

Join Us


We need your support to get our health education work proceeded. Your support means to a lot our service to the community, helping us to empower more people to take the initiative to achieve better health. You could support our work through the following ways.

Become A Member

Anyone who are interested in Preventive medicine can apply to be our member. After your payment for member fee, our staff will review your application, upon approval and acceptance by our staff, you will become our member.


Membership and Fee

 1. Membership is valid for two years;
 2. When the membership expire, if you wish to continue       to be our member, renewal is needed.

 3. Membership fee (2-year membership):

• Basic Member: HK$ 100.00

• Student Member: HK$60

• Senior Member: HK$60

• CSSA recipients: can be exempted with 'Medical Waiver'


Application and payment enrollment

To apply, please fill in the following form (e-form).


Applicants please write a crossed check or deposit the amount into our bank account

1. Checks payable to: "Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association Limited"

2. Bank deposit: HSBC: 078-213170-001

Please send the check or deposit slip along with the membership application forms to us.


For any queries, please call (852) 2110 1414.

Become Our Volunteer

We invite you to become our volunteers, to contribute your effort to promote preventive medicine concepts. We need the help from our volunteer on our activities.


Please come join us to share the joy of helping others! Now you can fill out the application form or call (852) 2110 1414 for queries.

Donation to Support

Your generous support will help us provide more health education for the public.


Our main source of funding comes from membership fees and donations, we will also organize fund-raising activities will be organized in the future. Only by your generosity, we can maintain our service to benefit more people.


Your contributions to us is of great significance, let us work together to support the promotion of preventive medicine to help more people take the first step in their life for better health.


Ways of Donations

Crossed Check

• Payable to "Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association Limited"

• Please write your name, address, telephone number and e-mail in the back of the check, and then return to us


Directly deposit into the " Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association 


Limited Account

• HSBC account 078-213170-001

• Please write your name, address, telephone number and e-mail on the deposit slip, then return / fax it to us

• Postal address: 504, Corn Yan Centre, 3 Jupiter Street, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong


Enquiry hotline: (852) 2110 1414

Strategic Partners

We are actively working with various organizations, to expose ourselves to more opportunities for health promotion. If your organization is interested to work with us, please feel free to contact us at (852) 21101414.


Current Partner

HK BioTek Ltd.

Corner Block


Doula Easy

Hong Kong Book City