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We are committed to promote the message of prevention is better than cure, so that the public get more beneficial to themselves and their families health information, so that society as a whole are more concerned about preventive medicine.

We are committed to promote the message of “prevention is better than cure”.


Main approaches:

Health activities: exhibitions, seminars and workshops

Health: Publishing and production of books, pamphlets

Health Assessment: by healthcare professionals, so that the public would be more 

aware of their health status, and thus male good plans for better 

Collaboration: cooperating with the industry to create the health culture

Health Publication

Hysterectomy 100 Key Questions

By Professor Felix WONG and Professor Gang WANG

(Language: Traditional Chinese)


Are you afraid of hysterectomy? Don’t be! Your worries and concerns are shared by many people who are also hesitate to ask. Hysterectomy 100 Key Questions summarized years of researches and clinical experiences of Professor Felix WONG and Professor Gang WANG. It is an authoritative and knowledgeable book using easily understandable language to answer your questions and worries regarding hysterectomy and lead you to ask the most concerned question to your doctor. It acts as a health manual for you and your loved ones. Professor Felix WONG has also tailor made a website to answer readers concerns.

You Do Not Have To Drink Milk!

By Dr Sophie Leung, Paediatrician

(Language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)

Milk is recognized as a nutritious food by many parents. Dr. Leung believes in the other way that drinking too much milk becomes the main culprit of increasing children allergies and obesity. When children rely too much on drinking milk, they will reduce their consumption of whole grains, high fiber food, fruits and vegetables. In the long term, the body lacks adequate amount of necessary trace elements, vitamins, antioxidants and so on.

Dr Leung has spent many years studying and promoting healthy diet to the public and advocating the benefits of breastfeeding. Special thanks to Dr. Leung for her generosity in providing its full version for free download and printout.

Download link:

Trad. Chinese Version  |  Simp. Chinese Version

Kitchen Medicine

By Dr Sophie Leung, Paediatrician

(Language: Traditional Chinese) 


This is the latest work from Dr Sophie Leung, summarizing years of research and clinical experience. She explains how food could be used to improve many symptoms, and even reverse diseases like eczema, GI problem, diabetes and cancers. Dr Leung has developed a 21-day recipes, free from common allergens like milk, egg and wheat, low in sodium, sugar and fat. The recipes will be very helpful for who wishes to eat healthily, and they echo to the traditional Chinese wisdom of ‘Food as medicine’. If you could follow these recipes for three weeks, you could feel the change brought by the healthy food.

Diet that Aids Eczema Treatment

Dr Sophie Leung, Paediatrician

(Language: Traditional Chinese)


Eczema and diet are closely related. Eczema is not just a skin disease also involves your immune system and your ability to self-repair. Therefore, in addition to the use of drugs and skin care products, we need to do something more on our diet. The method is to avoid eating allergenic foods, and eating a lot of plant based whole foods.


To identify the food allergens, you cannot rely on the usual skin-prick tests and blood IgE antibody testing only, you should also consider the impact of IgG antibodies. Dietary treatment is the core of eczema patients’ concern. People willing to learn more about healthy diet will certainly enjoy reading this book, and are attracted by the creative recipes for sure.

Defeat Eczema

Dr Sophie Leung

(Language: Traditional / Simplified Chinese)


This is the electronic version of ‘Diet that aids eczema treatment’.

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