Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association Ltd.

Hong Kong Preventive Medicine Association Ltd.

About Us




  • Founded in March 2011 by a group of people enthusiastic on preventive medicine.

  • Granted as a charitable organization in Hong Kong by Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. HKPMA operates to comply with the law on charity in Hong Kong.

  • Purpose of founding HKPMA :

    • Raise the public awareness on "preventive medicine" concept, understand the benefitof "prevention is better than cure" to personal health and the society;

    • Promote more about a holistic and natural approach for better health;

    • Promote more collaboration in the healthcare industry;

    • For the health of local community. 

Our Work




  • Work with medical sciences researchers to know more about the experience from healthcare professionals and patients and find out the possible ways to improve health from their insight.

  • Actively working with different organizations, encourage people with different background to put the concept of preventive medicine into practice.



  • Promoting the concept of preventive medicine

  • Inviting doctors, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals to share their insights on health with the public

  • Collaborating with different parties in the healthcare industry to organize various educational activities